Megan & Andrew

I have known Megan for many years. I first met her when we were tiny ballerinas. We danced for years together, until life got in the way, and our dancing days slowed down.

Megan is one of the most beautiful people, inside and out, I’ve ever met. She is truly such a kind hearted individual who treats everyone around her with the utmost kindness and respect. She loves truly & fully in every aspect of her life.

And that rings true when it comes to her new husband, Andrew. Andrew is equally as kind hearted as his bride. From the moment I met him, he was nothing but kind & courteous. He just has this nice demeanour that is relatable & refreshing. They were made for each other.

Their love is transcendant. I know I know, I say that of all my clients. And it’s true! But Megan & Andrew-their love for each other can be felt from miles away. You can see it in the way they look at each other. A love like theirs, is the stuff fairytales are made of. It’s the stuff everyone (myself included ;)) dream of having one day. They are the reason I love doing what I do. The reason I love to capture love.3z9a0899-edit3z9a1115

The day started out just as any other day. The men with their quirky, relaxed, fun demeanours, while learning to fold pocket squares & tie ties.The women, with their nervous, yet excited atmosphere, while 90s Britney Spears & The Lion King played in the background. The men played Catan &recieved their fun cufflinks from the groom, along with the mandatory wedding day flask πŸ˜‰ Andrew opened his gift from his bride-to-be-a beautiful pocket watch that he immediately put inside his tux jacket. The women got their hair & makeup done, while the family dog, Chance, played tricks for sandwiches. The bridesmaids got their gifts-a few necessities for any bridesmaid, along with a mini champagne for the upcoming limo ride. Megan opened her gift from her groom-to-be. It was a photo album of their lives together thus far & a necklace;three hearts. Two for their dogs, and one for Andrew. It brought tears to everyone in the room, especially the bride. It was a beautiful moment.

Β It all led up to my favorite moment of any wedding day; when the groom sees his better half walk down the aisle. In her vintage style laced dress, Megan looked stunning. The ceremony was short & sweet & absolutely perfect. My second favorite part of the day came soon after; the kiss. And boy….did they KISS! πŸ˜‰ With the Manuel’s River backdrop, this is always a favorite location of mine for the ceremony.

After the ceremony, we headed outside for some family shots at Manuel’s River. Then it was off to Bannerman Park for pictures with their fur babies, Lola & Zack. As a dog mom myself, I was overjoyed I got to finally incorporate some pups into wedding portraits. I love a bride & groom who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty & get portraits with her fur babies πŸ™‚ They are family, after all!3z9a0844-edit3z9a0919-edit Our next portrait location was Cuckhold’s Cove. My new FAVORITE location ❀ Absolutely stunning! We even had time for a couple snaps in Quidi Vidi & a champagne toast to boot.3z9a0993-edit3z9a1052-edit3z9a1106-edit3z9a1136

Then it was back to Manuel’s River for the newlywed’s first dance & dinner. With all their loved ones close by, everything was perfect, from the dances, to the slideshow, to the speeches. The father daughter dance always gets me, for obvious reasons. Megan seems to be a daddy’s girl too & it is clear. Her dad was beaming with joy for his little girl all day.3z9a1384 One of my favorite parts of the night was the parents dance/slideshow. They had done a slideshow of their parent’s wedding days, which played while all 3 couples (newlyweds included) danced to one of my personal favorite songs “Feels Like Home”. I can’t lie, it brought tears to mye eyes. The couple’s love & admiration for their parents is heartwarming. They are so close to their family & it is the defintion of what true love is. All day they kept saying that they had their parents to thank for being such great examples of what a great marriage is-and they could not be more right.

The love they all share is just another example of how amazing this couple is, how amazing their families are and how simply AMAZING their new lives together are going to be. They couldn’t find a better soulmate if they’d tried.

Megan & Andrew, I wish you all the best! You already rock at life together-marriage is just going to make it that much better πŸ™‚Β 3z9a1345


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