Heather & Garry

Heather & Garry’s day was perfect, unique & SO much fun. Heather is a dear friend of my cousin. I knew Heather way back when I was just a wee one (not sure I even remember much from back then…) and when my cousin suggested me, we met, clicked & the rest was history!!

Heather is such a sweet, kind hearted person. And she looked simply stunning on her autumn wedding day. Garry doesn’t come far behind 😉 What a handsome dude! Garry is equally as sweet as his now wife. After many years together, already having established a life together, the two began the new chapter in their lives. They were made for each other. The connection is real when they look at each other. The two work together as such a great team & are the definition of a great relationship. Plus, they’re just downright fun. They are the reason I love what I do. 3z9a4790

I started out photographing the men getting ready. There were laughs, there was breakfast, there was wine. There was stories about the bachelor party from the night before, there were puppies & there were kittens. Yes. Kittens. A new littler of kittens from which I couldn’t stop admiring & snuggling, despite my allergies. The men, surrounded by the groom’s close family, shared stories while getting in their suits & ties. Totally relaxed, Garry was ready to see his bride.



3z9a4307I then headed over to Leaside Manor to photograph the women. First of all, it was my first time there, and I cannot express how simply STUNNING this place is. I can’t wait to have my own evening there some time 😉 The bride & her close family were getting ready in The Parker Suite, with a sense of nervous yet excited jitters. There was wine, there was laughter, there was an anxious, relaxed atmosphere, as Heather was anticipating seeing her groom. I simply couldn’t let the opportunity pass without getting some beautiful shots of Heather by the bed which provided an elegant, gorgeous backdrop.

3z9a4425The ceremony took place at Admiral’s Green. It was perfect & stunning. Surrounded by their closest family, Heather & Garry professed their love & commitment to each other in an intimate ceremony.

After that, it was portrait time. We went to Jack Astor’s first for a picture of a beer at the bar. Yes. They. Are. Awesome. Garry caught a pint of beer….yes, you read that right, a pint of beer. Apparently, Jack Astor’s is famous for it. And it’s a good thing Garry has great reflexes when it comes to beer, because he caught it with barely spilling a drop!


Next, we braved the FREEZING cold for some family portraits. They were all troopers & we got some beautiful family shots before heading to the Sheraton to warm up & get some indoor portraits.

The Sheraton has a beautiful courtyard & it’s a gorgeous option for a backup plan! We did some shots of the two lovebirds, some more family shots, and some of the bridal party.3z9a4708-edit3z9a4728

Then it was off to the courtyard by Pippy Park. Here we did a quick session with just Heather & Garry. What an incredible location. I love the vintage, European feel of it, with the cobblestone walls & small windows. It was stunning and beautiful for fall.3z9a47983z9a4808

After portraits, it was back to Admiral’s Green for party time! It was a perfectly fun cocktail reception, with finger foods to die for, live music, a great DJ & guests were asked to wear masquerade masks. Again I say, this couple is awesome 🙂 Heather & Garry’s first dance was an upbeat number, which further proves my point of how awesome & fun they are 🙂 It suited them perfectly. Then, all guests were asked to join the floor with their masks on, and boy, did it make for some cool shots! It was an amazing reception.3z9a4851

3z9a4962Heather & Garry, I wish you guys every happiness & adventure this life has to offer. You guys are a perfect fit & I know your next chapter will be even more amazing than the last. Thank you for letting me capture the love you two share.3z9a4981


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